First Look At arpVerify With arpReach

The next release of arpReach will allow users to easily and simply integrate with our new email scrubbing service, arpVerify.

arpVerify allows you to check the validity of all emails coming into your system.  Checking emails is essential as facts show that sending (or rather attempting to send) emails to dead email addresses will reduce your email deliverability by 43%.  If that doesn’t mean much yet, another way of saying it is, you are not making as much profit as you could.

Below are two videos that introduce the capabilities of arpVerify from within arpReach.

In this first video you can see the basic options available and you will discover how simple we’ve made it for you to protect and clean your lists.

In this second video you can see how easy we’ve made it for you to check your existing lists and keep them clean … automatically.

You can order arpVerify here.


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