1.8.001 Released With Improved Segment Automation

arpReach 1.8 released

What’s new in version 1.8.001?
We’ve made segment automation more flexible and powerful

arpReach (& #V2) has always had one of the best and most flexible segmenting and trigger driven action capabilities of any autoresponder. The new segmented driven actions enhancements take those capabilities to a totally new level giving you lots of options and flexibility to manipulate segmented contacts lists quicker than ever before.

As an example, in previous releases, if you wanted to add a totally new ‘Tag’ to a selection of existing contacts (as opposed to automatically adding a tag to individual contacts using thr existing ‘Triggered Actions’ capability), the process was;

  • create a segment to identify the contacts who would get the new tag
  • export those contact’s email addresses in a CSV file
  • create the new tag
  • import the CSV file of email addresses and assign the new tag at the point of import

The new capabilities make it easier, less frustrating and much quicker. All from the ‘I Want To…’ dropdown. Here’s how

  • create the new tag
  • create a segment (or use any existing contacts Filter) to identify the contacts who would get the new tag
  • Select ‘Trigger Action for Matching Contacts’ from the I want to drop-down
  • Select which action or actions you want triggered and applied to the selected contacts and press the ‘Trigger Action’ button.

Yes you can apply and trigger multiple actions

In fact you can also ‘stack’ multiple events to be triggered one after the other.

The new Trigger Action page allows you to choose one or more existing actions to be applied for each matching contact from the segmented contacts list. This is something customers have asked for and wanted for some time.

You’re now able to segment your list and then;

  1. add/remove a Tag, a Category
  2. add to / remove from the Suppression list
  3. add a new Subscription to specific Autoresponders
  4. drop/delete a Subscription or ALL Subscriptions
  5. setup Custom field values in a batch
  6. send the Contacts data with HTTP post to a specified URL. This would allow to export contacts of a segmented list into a 3-rd party software.
  7. And finally this allows you to run a User Function for each contact from a segment list to manipulate any contact’s data and do virtually anything you want with it.

You can find out more about these new segment automation capabilities in the manual

And it that wasn’t enough power and flexibility have a look at the new ‘Send to non-openers’ capability now available to #V2 clients.

To see what other improvements and fixes of been made see our changelog here

If you don’t own arpReach yet you should order your license today from here

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