arpReach version 1.5 is available

arpreach 1.5 released

What’s new in arpReach 1.5?

arpreach gold and standard boxesPHP requirement

The minimum PHP version requirement is 5.5.x with a recommendation you use PHP 5.6.x

New Features

The main new feature in the arpReach 1.5 release is … We’ve introduced integrated email verification and list scrubbing

We’ve been talking about the benefits of having a clean list and the improvements you’ll see to your Sender Score and delivery rates once you get rid of the dead email addresses for a month or so but now that we have integrated this capability using arpVerify directly into arpReach, it’s a game changer.

We’ve developed a fully integrated solution that

  • Checks every email that comes in to your system and
  • Allows you to check all of your existing email addresses, without having to export or import anything

There is no need to change any of your existing forms as the system will check every email for you.

All you need to do is decide what you want to do with the different types of verification results.

We’ve put up a series of training videos to help you and you can watch how to integrate arpReach with arpVerify here

It really is really simple and easy to do and will help you get more of your emails to more of your readers.


What are the new API v1 functions in 1.5

We’ve also added two new API functions that will make it even easier for developers to integrate with arpReach.  They are:

  • List Categories
  • List Responders

We are looking forward to working with even more developers to integrate with even more third-party tools and apps.  As always we welcome your feedback so we can improve the API even more.

New Look and Feel

arpReach 1.5 now has a new look and feel we think you’ll fall in love with as much as we have.

One of the improvement suggestions we received was to reduce the number of clicks it took to navigate around the control panel.  The new look navigation bar makes all of the important high level functions available in just one click.  We’ve also removed the delay so it’s super fast.

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed quite a few more of the bugs that had been reported. There are too many to list here but you’ll be able to see the list in the arpReach change-log.

One of the more notable in this round of fixes is that we tracked down the issue that was causing CSV list imports to fail in Firefox (I can hear the cheer already).

How do you upgrade to arpReach 1.5?

We’ve provided instructions for existing licensed users of arpReach Gold or Standard here: How do I upgrade to arpReach 1.5

Where can I order arpReach 1.5?

You can order arpReach 1.5 here

How do I upgrade from arpReach Standard to arpReach Gold?

You can upgrade arpreach Standard to Gold here

How much of a difference will the new version of arpReach make to you?

Share the news and your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “arpReach version 1.5 is available”

  1. Just upgraded to arpReach 1.5 and much prefer the new nav bar. Makes navigating around not quite so cumbersome! Genuinely delighted to see that you’re not only honouring your promise to take arp onto the next level but that you’re over-delivering along the way. I’ve also just signed up to arpVerify and pleased to see how easy it was to set up. Great up the fantastic work. Merry Xmas!

    • Hi Neil,
      thanks for your comments and we are really happy you’re happy. We’re also delighted to see arpVerify being used. We’ve got more things planned for arpReach next year.
      Happy Christmas to you as well.


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