marketing automation

Marketing Automation

marketing automation

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a process or series of processes that use one or more software platforms to automate one or more tasks where the aim is to improve efficiency, sales and the subsequent profits generated.

Examples of marketing automation include:
Lead Scoring by measuring behaviours and activity using web tracking technology and software.
Routing qualified leads in to new processes such as SMS messaging.
Transferring a contacts details from one software app to another, such as a Survey app into an email autoresponder such as arpReach.

What is email marketing automation?

Email Marketing Automation is a process or series of processes that use one or more triggers and or actions to send highly targeted emails to prospects or contacts that meet one or more defined requirements or criteria.  The aim is to improve engagement with your contacts which leads to increases in sales and profits.

Examples of Email Marketing Automation include:
Capturing contact details from a form or landing page
Sending a series or sequence of emails to a contact automatically
Segmenting contacts based on their actions or interactions with forms or emails
Categorizing contacts interests based on surveys or asking questions.
Trigger the sending of follow-up messages based on expected actions
Automatically move contacts between autoresponder sequences

arpReach is the most fully featured self owned email marketing software available and has unparalleled email automation capabilities.

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