What you need to know when running email marketing campaigns – Part 2

email marketingIn part one of ‘what you need to know when running email marketing campaigns’ we covered looking after your data.

This post sets out to detail ways in which you can influence whether your email gets noticed!

  1. Design

There are several elements to consider when designing your email. First and most importantly, in design terms, does it reflect your brand?

In a multi-media age branding has become more important than ever. You need your customer to instantly recognise you whether on social media, on your website or through your email communication. Branding is about building trust and being the company of at the top of the list when the need arises.

Once you have considered your brand then you need to make sure that the structure makes sense. If the email doesn’t flow or navigate well the user will quickly loose interest and hit delete!

A couple of top tips to think about:

  • Make sure that your ‘from’ name is your company name (again reinforcing the brand)
  • Consider your subject line, you only have a few seconds to grab attention. That said make sure it makes sense to the main message of the email.
  • Put the important message or CTA at the top.
  • If you are including a top nav bar, make sure this reflects your website.
  1. Test and test again!

Don’t forget to test your email thoroughly, paying particular attention to checking links and images.

If links don’t work you will not only loose instant engagement but you might find an increase in your unsubscribes too.

  1. How your email renders across email clients

HTML emails, particularly those with a lot of formatting and images, will render differently in every email client. This is a common issue and one that you have little control over.

However you can do a couple of things to help:

  • If you are able to identify your top 2 or 3 most used client by your contact list. Then design and test to those clients and compromise where you need to.
  • Reduce your formatting – If you are having a real issue with the way that your email is rendering then simplify the formatting. Ensure its one column for example.
  1. More tests!

One of the great things about email is that you can test and respond to the results both quickly and cost effectively.

With email you should be split testing something with every communication. This way you will get to know your contacts and start to deliver them what they want to see, this ultimately lifts the response rate.

Some elements you may want to test include:

  • Subject lines
  • Personalisation
  • Offers
  • Dynamic content
  • Deployment date or time
  • Segmenting lists
  1. Define your proposition before you start creating your email

Be clear from the outset what the main aim of the email is. With no real limit to the length of your email it is easy to fall into the trap of talking about everything.

It is better to send more regular, short and relevant emails than try and sell everything all at once.

So your goal may be to establish a relationship with your brand or you could be purely focused on generating visitors to your website.

Whatever you decide, ensure that you give your subscribers a clear reason to open your email.

  1. Segmenting lists

Successful email marketing is communication to your contacts that is both regular and more importantly RELEVANT!

The more that you can segment and target your database the more responsive it will be.

For example if you were running an email campaign for an online training course you would think about the personal journey of that contact.

  • You have attracted the user to be interested in your course
  • Over the course of several emails they have signed up and attended
  • Any future correspondence now needs to reflect that they have had your training and now may require advanced or alternative training. You also need to write these emails acknowledging their now greater knowledge.

This is a very obvious contact journey to illustrate the importance of knowing your database, segmenting and offering content relevant to that person. Each business will have its own changing demographics so take some time to consider these before you plan your email strategy.

arpReach handles segmentation with ease as it was developed with the need of individual customers in mind. You can set up auto responders that will automatically go on the journey with the contact, moving them onto different data segments as responses move them along. You can find out more arpReach:

  1. Personalisation works

If you are capturing email addresses ensure that you add first name and last name to the form then test personalisation in different ways:

  • First name V’s salutation and last name
  • Include the first name within subject line
  • Test using the name throughout the message, not just Dear John
  • Think about dynamic content and images based on your knowledge of your contact.
  1. Be prepared for mobile devices

As you you will be aware we are all more connected than ever and available to communication 24/7.

In fact 67.2% of consumers use a smartphone to check their email

(ref: http://www.emailmonday.com/mobile-email-usage-statistics)

Therefore test your email on mobile and ensure that it is clear, well formatted as well as easy to read and navigate.

  1. Email as part of your overall marketing strategy

Email marketing works best when part of an overall marketing strategy, both digital and traditional.

In many ways it comes down to the reference in point 1. In a multi-channel age you need your brand to be across the marketing channels to build trust and recognition in your brand.

  1. Don’t forget to keep working on your contact database

The points above all focus on your existing database and ways on which to communicate for the best results.

However along with this you need to consider how you continue to attract contacts into your email database. A few to consider could be:

  • Email sign up on your website
  • Promote your email sign up via social media
  • PPC targeted to sign up landing pages
  • Online banner advertising
  • Recommendation and referral through your existing database
  • Competitions
  • Offline via events and exhibitions

Once you have planned your marketing strategy you need an email marketing solution that you can trust to deliver your message.

arpReach are experts in auto-responders and email marketing and are already the choice for thousands of internet marketers.

Visit our site to find out more about its marketing leading features www.arpreach.com

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