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email marketing softwarePeople buy things from people they know like and trust. Building that trust with your leads and prospects is easier than you think.  arpReach will enhance sales opportunities & maximise income for your business.

Research has proved that people respond positively when receiving emails that address them by their first name, even if that email was sent to them automatically based on something they did.

But why stop with simple personalisation and automatically sending an email when someone fills out a form on a website? With the right email tool at your finger tips, engaging your prospect and getting the sales you deserve is easier than ever before.

arpReach is more than just an autoresponder.  It’s a lead nurturing, contact management solution which you use as a part of your marketing automation strategy.  It’s the right tool for the job of building relationships and increasing sales.

Some of the benefits of using arpReach

No Monthly Fees or Charges – Most other companies charge by the number of people in your lists.  The more you succeed the more they charge.  We don’t think that’s right.  For a single flat fee you get arpReach with no increasing costs.  And we’ll even install it on your server so you don’t need to worry about anything technical.
Build Trust with Subscribers and Prospects – Building up trust with subscribers so they become customers is essential. arpReach allows you to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. There is so much flexibility built in to our tools that you can customize any aspect to suit your needs and the wants of your audience.
Increased Email Deliverability – If you use a monthly paid autoresponder service you are stuck with the level of email deliverability they have.  With arpReach you can choose to use any email service provider you want or your own mail-server. When the delivery rate drops with one service you can swap to another or even use more than one service at the same time.  We give the power of controlling email delivery back to you.
List Segmentation – The unrivalled segmentation and micro segmentation capabilities of arpReach are possibly it’s most powerful feature. Targeting the right people is more profitable than sending out mass email blasts.  Segmenting your list is fully customizable and allows you to choose who will receive your message based on the criteria you choose.  i.e. If you want to send a message only to ladies aged between 25 & 35, who live in country A or town B, who bought product F or G but not H, who also expressed an interest in subject M?  It’s not a problem. It’s easy to do if you use arpReach.
Have Unlimited Contacts and Lists – What makes arpReach special here is that it’s focus is on the person (or contact record). The individual can sign up or be added to one or more lists but it automatically ensures that the person will only get one email even if they are subscribed to more than one list.  No more unhappy readers means less likely hood of them unsubscribing.
Automate Your Email Marketing – Have you ever wanted something special to happen when your reader signed up or opened your email or clicked on a link .. or bought your product?  We built customizable triggers and actions into arpReach.  You define the action you want to happen and when it happens that special thing you wanted takes place.  You could update another system like your accounts or CRM, send another email, move or add the contact to one or more lists.  The benefits here are endless.
A/B Split Testing – It’s said that success comes through testing and testing some more and we make it easy for you to test multiple variants of every aspect of the emails you send to your subscribersNot just A/B testing but an unlimited number of tests.  You can test different subject lines, different aspects of the content, different templates, different sending times.  Once you’ve found a winner on a test sample or over a period of time, simply stop the the messages that don’t work.
Custom fields – Simple sign-up forms do the job but what if you want to capture a unique piece of information from your prospect or customer?  What if you’re in a business where you want to capture the specific needs of your client and then update their contact record so you can send them a personalised quote or offer?  With arpReach you can create an unlimited number of custom fields to use in forms – but it doesn’t stop there.  You then use your custom data to segment your clients as well as perform unique actions based on the replies you get.
Multiple Users – This means that you can allow anyone you choose to perform the tasks you want them to do.  You can set each user to have only the levels of access you want them to have.  System admins can have more access than the marketing team, the sales team can have more access than the writers .. and the outside web development team can only get access to the forms they need to add on your site.  We put you in control
Multiple Personas – Even if you’re a one man band you can make your business look like it has 100’s of staff members.  Product specialists can send out related information, sales staff can send out follow up emails, the accounts team can thank people for orders – and it was you all along
Build Your Business Brand – You don’t see multi-national companies using third-party email automation software for a reason.  They value their brand.  They understand that they are responsible for their actions and they don’t want to be negatively affected by the actions of others.  That’s why they own their own marketing tools.  And the search engines like businesses who want to build a brand!

You can get these benefits for your business .. and more from $195

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