Industry insights on how to make landing pages work for you

Landing PageThis week we wanted to share with you some top insights from other industry experts on how to create high converting landing pages.

A Simple but Effective Framework for Landing Page Information Hierarchy

Some marketers do an excellent job of laying out information on their landing page so that it tells a story in a way the reader needs to hear it. Not only does that yield awesome conversion rates, it creates an experience for the reader that feels effortless.

Other times, information is presented in a way that feels disjointed or out of order.

Take a look at this article by Corey Dilley setting out an effective hierarchy to follow for good conversion rates.

How to Create Conversion-Ready Landing Pages Like a Pro

The best conversion optimizers have analyzed thousands of landing pages, spent a long time on boring split test results, and have developed the ability to read the minds of their customers.

This article by Neil Patel unveils how the best conversion optimizers create landing pages.

4 Lead Gen Campaign Ideas (+ the Landing Page Templates to Power Them)

This post, by Jennifer Pepper, outlines four strategic campaigns you can run for different stages of the funnel, and advises on the landing pages you’ll need to build for them.

3 Surprising Stages of Successful Landing Pages

High-converting landing pages consist of three action-driving stages: before, during, and after.

Many content marketers often focus on just one stage: during.

Aaron Orendorff, breaks down the detail of these stages to make your landing page effective in this informative, easy to read article.

Here’s 5 Top Tips that we learnt from other industry experts !

1 – High-converting landing pages consist of three action-driving stages: before, during, and after.

2 – There is no formula to creating a high converting landing page. What works for one site may not work for another.

A/B test your landing page to maximize your conversion rate.

3 – Knowing your target customer is the single most important thing you can do as you create your landing page.

4 – Understand the right conversion action

Every landing page has a certain action that it is trying to get the customer to do. When the customer completes that action, it is known as a conversion.

Be clear on this before you start creating your landing page.

5 – Create cognitive flow

Cognitive flow is the way that a landing page addresses a user’s need, answers the user’s question, and leads them to the point of conversion.

You can see some top tips By Neil Patel in the link above.

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