Email verification is relevant for all email data

email_im1Do you think that email verification is only relevant for purchased data? Think again…

I recently had a conversation with a business owner and the reaction to a discussion on email verification was “I don’t need email verification as we are only emailing customers based on the details they provide us with, and they can unsubscribe at any time”

Of course I can see why business owners and marketers might think their database is clean and that they are on top of it by managing the unsubscribes. However this is far from the case.

Here’s a couple of facts to keep in mind:

1 – Only 28% of emails sent reach the inbox!

Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) such as AOL, MSN, AT&T, BT etc. and Mail Service Providers (MSP’s) like Gmail, Yahoo, and others put in place active measures to reduce the volume of UCE (spam) their users receive. ISP’s & MSP’s are getting better at stopping unwanted mail before it gets to their users inbox by using a mix of third party ‘scoring’ services and their own internal algorithms.

(Source: Return Path, 2014)

2 – Emailing dead addresses reduces delivery by 43%

Sending emails to ‘bad email addresses’ , which include dead address types (and unsubscribe management will not address this) will reduce your sender reputation and inbox delivery rates by at least 43% before none get delivered at all.

(Source: Return Path, 2009) & (Source: Return Path, 2012).

3 – Poor reputation causes 83% of delivery failures !

If your IP address has a poor reputation, your email (importantly, even the good addresses!) is less likely to reach the inbox, risking the chance that your subscribers may never even see your message.

(Source: Return Path, 2015)

With headlines like this it’s worth looking at how you are currently gathering data…

Do you have an email sign up on your website? If you do, does it have a double opt in so that you the user has to confirm their email address?

Where else are you gathering data from? Do you have a call centre or data input process? Are you collecting business cards from events/trade shows? If so both of these processes require human input and subject to data errors.

Do you have a forward to a friend offer, and does that user have to input the address on their friends behalf?

If the answer is yes to any of the above you could unknowingly have a high % of inaccurate emails within your database.

The point here is that if there is a high % of inaccurate data, ISPs will stop delivering your emails, even to the good addresses, as they may perceive you as spam.

The good news is that you can do something about it, quickly, easily, cost effectively and accurately !

With the arpReach 1.5 upgrade our team recognised this increasingly devastating problem and developed a fully integrated email verification tool to help combat this issue.

The new arpVerify email verification integration means that you could now have:

  • The ability to verify your entire existing database from within arpReach
  • Real-time integrated email verification from your online forms and contact points.
  • Constant, automated, list monitoring

PLUS, you can also batch import new or existing (data that until now you have held outside of arpReach), email lists and get them verified instantly!

If you are an arpReach user, getting started is easy, simply click this link for some more information on the 1.5 upgrade.

If you are not an arpReach user you can still take advantage of this amazing new email verification service. A standard monthly subscription to arpVerify offers you all of these flexible benefits:

  • Clean up your existing contact list.
  • Clean new lists of email addresses by file import.
  • Verify individual email addresses entered on subscription forms.
  • Verify single email addresses adhoc.
  • Via the API, add arpVerify verification to other inhouse tools such as CRM and accounting software.

Find out more by clicking here:



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