Integrating email into your social plan

Integrate_Social_mediaSocial media and email marketing are no longer mutually exclusive.

In a multimedia age users are finding out about you through all channels from your website to social media, email and every contact point in between.

Therefore it is more important than ever to integrate channels where you can and using email to do this is one of your most cost effective solutions.

This post gathers top advice from fellow experts on how to make your email integration with your social media channels successful.


6 Creative Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

Jimmy Daly shares a number of ways to integrate social media and email marketing to help save you time and let you reach your audience where they are. Check out 6 tactics to get more out of each channel.


17 Ways to Integrate Facebook and Email Marketing

Killer Integration of Facebook and Email Marketing, offering 17 specific ways to tie these two important programs together.


5 examples of email marketing and social media integration done correctly

The most common type of social media integration with email marketing is the use of social media icons in the header or footer of an email template.

These however have little impact on your email performance and revenue. So here you can see some examples with a better approach to social media integration.


5 ways to integrate social media and email in your marketing campaign

Social media and email marketing are not mutually exclusive.

With digital marketers undergoing a sort of evolution in their advertising endeavors, integrating the two is more important than ever before.

Marketing gurus are merging social media and email marketing campaigns and this link shows 5 ways to integrate successfully.


Integrating Social Media into Your Email Marketing Campaign

It is really hard these days to acquire conversions by focusing on a single medium. Successful integration of social persona with the email data can help brands generate more conversions at a lesser ROI. Tying up your email subscribers with your social channels can produce some substantial benefits. See more here…


Now you know how to successfully integrate your email and your social media strategy you now need to source yourself an autoresponder that can manage and automate the email follow up process.

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