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reviewHey everyone!

It’s been incredibly busy here at arpReach towers all week.

Here are some of the new things came out of this effort that are now available.

Micro-segmentation with tags, events and actions

We have launched the new version (1.2.001) which has the exciting new micro-segmentation features. These allow you to laser-target your content to individual contacts not only sending them what they want but sending it at the moment they express interest.

Watch the video on tags, events and actions

How to get these great new features?

The ability to tag contacts is in both arpReach Standard and Gold. The ability to react instantly to contact events with a whole host of powerful actions is exclusive to arpReach Gold.

Buy arpReach Gold here.

We have updated the features page so you can see how this all fits together.

AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) upgrades

AutoResponse Plus has been discontinued and replaced by arpReach. Support for AutoResponse Plus is now winding down and no updates will be released.

For AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) users wishing to upgrade their AutoResponse Plus license to arpReach Gold, there is a new automated system. It allows you to upgrade at a huge $248 discount on the arpReach Gold price.

Your new arpReach license includes your existing ARP3 allowance or boosts it to 10 (whichever is higher). You also get 2 years of access to support and upgrades.

Your new arpReach license is issued instantly so you can get started immediately.

Visit the AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) upgrade center

arpReach video – installation on CPanel hosting

We have just completed a new video and it is now available in the video library. This new video walk you through the process of installing arpReach on a CPanel webhost such as Hostgator, Liquid Web, Just Host and thousands of others.

The vast majority of our customers host on CPanel servers and installation on that platform is quick and easy.

Affiliate program

The new arpReach affiliate program is up and running and some affiliates already have hundreds of dollars in their accounts. What are you waiting for?

Affiliate program info and sign up

What’s next?

Next week, we plan on re-launching our free email course on follow-up email marketing. It has been updated to include micro-segmentation with tags, events and actions so makes for very interesting reading.

By the end of next week, we will have released another minor update that adds a couple of new facilities that users have been asking for.

We also plan on adding more videos to the library. If you have any requests for the videos we do first, please let us know.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!


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