We Love Mondays!

mondayHey everyone – happy Monday!

Last week was incredibly busy and productive and we have another one planned for this week (and next for that matter).

And look what we found in our inbox this morning. These make it all worthwhile for us.


From Brian Terry of OutVeo.com

“I just want to say that I think you’ve raised the bar so high your competitors are going to find it next to impossible to get anywhere close to what you’re now offering with arpReach.
Also, I’ve been using arp3 since the very early days and you’ve made email marketing so much more profitable as a result of everything you’ve done. Thanks!

From Michael Lofton

“Wow, I just knew that by staying with ARP3 and subsequently upgrading to ArpReach, over the last 7+ years, it would be continually – wonderfully well worth it… and, Indeed It Has!

So much enjoying and learning more, and appreciating all the updates you are supplying us ArpReach lovers to date. Your latest incorporations are just another example of giving an Autoresponder owner like myself ever more reasons to smile with enjoyment!

Be well always and thanks again for keeping ArpReach Fresh!”

Affiliates – a new video

At the weekend, we put together a very quick video (only 76 seconds!) that shows you how to check your affiliate link is working.

Click here the view the video.

Look out for regular updates as the week goes on. We hope to be releasing a minor update by the end of the week. It adds some important functionality to help you in managing spam complaints more efficiently. We also have plans for ramping up the speed when connecting to certain remote SMTP providers. More on that when we have some concrete information.

Have a great day and make it count!

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