1.5 Release Progress Update

Integrated verification progress updateIntegrated Email Verification
– A Progress Update –

The arpReach team have been putting in the hours to make the next release even more special than we initially hoped it would be.

One of the biggest issues faced by email marketers low deliverability rates.  One of the primary causes of this is sending to a poor quality list.  Having just a few ‘dead’ emails in your list can lower your sender score to the point where even the good email addresses don’t get your emails.

We have been working hard to protect your lists and help you to improve your sender score so more of your good emails get delivered.

We’ve put together a quick video (5 mins) to show you just one of the ways we will be helping to improve your deliverability rates with the next release of arpReach.  Enjoy and please leave a comment to let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

UPDATE:  1.5 is now available

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6 thoughts on “1.5 Release Progress Update”

  1. Well… isn’t that good ole Double Opt-In?

    If someone tries to subscribe with a fake email address, they are never in the system anyway. What is an override feature good for either?
    So what is new about it??

    • Hi there,

      thanks for taking the time to reply with your questions, lets look at them.
      Q: Well… isn’t that good ole Double Opt-In?
      A: Double Opt-in is standard practice yes but if someone adds fake email addresses (or worse still, multiple fake email addresses, like GMail) your system will send ‘Opt-in’ emails to bad addresses which will bounce. Gmail and other providers don’t care if you are sending an Opt-in email or not, the reality is they will see you are sending an email to bad addresses which will negatively impact your sender score. By stopping bad emails so you don’t even send opt-in emails you keep your sender score high which helps legitimate emails get through.
      Q: What is an override feature good for either?
      A: That depends on how you set up the system to deal with for example ‘role’ addresses. If you decide you want to manually review them to ensure high quality, then you can set the system to ‘not accept’ role addresses and then override them when you are happy. The override function is also really helpful if you don’t accept ‘unknown’ emails and it transpires that the reason the unknown result got returned was a temporary server failure at the recipients end. Think of it as a safeguard 🙂

  2. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Thank you for the massive amount of work undertaken to date and for the impressive array of arpReach enhancements! For me, the best feature update currently is the API; a feature request which I endorsed within your first “Survey Poll.”

    It has been an exciting transition from AutoResponse Plus (22-Dec-11) to arpReach Gold install on 20-March- 2012. Then, on 2-2-2015 came the news about “New Owners of arpReach promise bright future for business data management …”

    Messrs, Mutual Advantage Ltd. Thank You for “over-delivering” on that promise, both on time-scale and high quality product enhanced upgrades.

    Sincere best regards,
    Paul B. Khan
    (Dr. Paul Barrington Khan. B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D Cert.Ed Tutor/Lecturer and Public Speaker.)

    Paul B Khan Operations & Liaison (Lead Generation) http://LeadScribe.com
    Data Controller Registration Number Z2650891 UK Data Protection Act 1998


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