Data Segmentation – The centre of effective email marketing

Data_segmentationMaking your email messages relevant and timely are at the centre of your email marketing success.

Planning that segmentation and frequency is also vital before you get stuck into your email strategy.

Therefore it’s well worth taking 10 minutes to read some top advise from fellow experts on how to make segmenting your email data more relevant and effective.


How to effectively segment your data

Relevance is one of the points to focus on when sending promotional email messages to your customers.

The data you gather from your customers and store into your central database provides you with tools to create relevant and timely messages.

Take a look at this great article by Michael Linthorst on how to effectively segment your email data.


The Beginner’s Guide to Segmentation and Buyer Personas

One of the toughest challenges that marketers face is understanding who is in your database, how your contacts are different, and then deciding how to best market to them. The best place to start is by grouping your contacts by similar characteristics, and then building a strategy for each group.

Jeffrey Russo provides a beginners guide on how to identify and plan your segmentation.


Examples of Database Segmentation

Business owners use databases to keep track of information about their customers. The information they store in their databases help them make marketing decisions and strategically target customers based on demographics such as age and gender, and psychographics such as their buying behavior.

Miranda Brookins has compiled a great list of examples of how you can use this segmentation, well worth checking out!


7 email campaign segmentation techniques

A database filled with a lot of quality data offers many possibilities. The best way to send an email is to send one that’s personal and completely adjusted to fit the needs, interests, and (buying) behavior.

More relevant email campaigns means a better shot at more opens and clicks.

Check out 7 techniques that you can action today.


Now that you have learnt more ways to plan and analyse your data you will want to put this into action.

arpReach is market leading in segmentation and puts customer attributes at the centre the of its contact database. This means that segmenting and automating your email marketing becomes seamless and more effective.

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