Happy Monday from arpReach!

mondayLoveHappy Monday from arpReach
Hey everyone – happy Monday!

It’s almost Easter and the talk in the office (well, from Helen’s desk) has been chocolate eggs. Bring it on!

But that’s next weekend and we have loads planned before then.

Last week we had to spend a lot of time on our backoffice systems. We are automating all our systems so that users can purchase upgrades to their licenses without having to wait for us to complete them manually. The first of these is complete and working – the AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) upgrade system.

Remember that AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) users get a big discount when upgrading to arpReach Gold. Use the link below to grab your upgrade.

Click here to migrate your license from AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) to arpReach.

We have further work to do on our backoffice systems, integrating the hub into arpReach.com and implementing a brand-new help desk solution. This work will be ongoing over the coming weeks.

This week’s focus is arpReach itself

This week, our developers are focusing on arpReach itself. We have some enhancements to complete and we aim to have those done and released by the end of this week. This will be version 1.2.002 and we will announce its availability first, here on the blog with details of what’s new.

We also plan on adding to our ever-growing video library this week. If you have a specific request for a tutorial video, click the Feedback button on the right hand side of any page and enter your request. You can also use this to vote up the suggestions of others.

We wanna know – do users want a forum?

If you have an opinion on this, remember to comment on last Friday’s blog post (right below this one) as that’s where we’re collecting feedback on this.

Have a great Monday!

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