Set up Mandrill with arpReach

Set-up mandrill smtp Setting up and configuring arpReach to use the Mandrill SMTP service is simple and straight-forward.

Follow the instructions below.

These instructions assume that you have already set up your Mandrill account.

If not you will need to create an account at:

Step 1

Login to Mandrill at:

Select the ‘SMTP’ option

choose sending method

Re-input your password to access the settings


verify mandrill password

You will need to create an API key. To do this click on ‘Add API Key’

setup an api keyThe screen will now display all of the information you need. Copy the following:

  • The Host smtp address
  • The Port
  • Your SMTP username (normally the username for Mandrill)
  • An API Key

copy smtp details with api key

Now login to arpReach

Navigate to: Setup > Email Systems > Add an Email System

In the ‘Settings’ Tab, Type in a name to help you recognise your Mandrill SMTP system and a description


add email system in arpreach

Click on the ‘Options’ Tab

In the Server Settings section > Sending Method – Select ‘SMTP’ from the dropdown.

options select smtp in arpreach

Input the details from Mandrill into the appropriate fields of the ‘Server Settings’ section.

Press the ‘Save Email System’

add mandrill settings

Press the ‘Test Settings’

In the event that the test fails to connect to Mandrill, there are primarily three main causes

  1. The Mandrill SMTP port is incorrect – Try changing to port 25
  2. Your hosting company have blocked the SMTP ports – contact your hosting company for assistance
  3. You have incorrectly applied your username or password – double check

setup bounce notification address

The final thing to do is configure the Mandrill system to return Bounce notification to your arpReach system. Log back into your Mandrill system, navigate to ‘Settings’
Input the catchall email address you use for your arpReach installation into the ‘Forward Bounce Notifications to The Address’ field.
Press Save

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