Set up MailGun with arpReach

training setup mailgun with arpreachSetting up and configuring arpReach to use the MailGun SMTP service is simple and straight-forward.  MailGun offer free and paid solutions, the free account allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month.

Follow the instructions below.

These instructions assume that you have already set up, verified and activated your MailGun account. If not you will need to create an account at:

Step 1:

Login to MailGun at:

Step 2:

Add a custom domain

If you haven’t added a custom domain you will see a screen similar to this

add custom domain screen

Click on the button ‘Add Custom Domain’.  You will be taken to a new screen to add a domain for use with MailGun.  They provide useful hints and tips throughout the process.  For this guide we followed their advice, adding a sub-domain.

add custom sub domain

Once you have added your sub-domain you will need to verify that domain in order to be able to send emails from it using arpReach.  Again they provide useful help and advice if you get stuck but the basic principle is that you need to create DNS records that ‘prove’ you can send emails from the sub-domain you have just created.  You will see a screen similar to this:

verify subdomain for mailgun with dns

To do the verification, you copy the information provided by MailGun and paste it into the appropriate DNS record that needs to be created for your domain name.  In the example below we are creating a TXT record in the Advanced Zone Editor available through CPanel.  This process will differ depending on if you use CPanel or not.  Your hosting company will be able to help you.

create spf record for mailgun

In the image above you can see we have creates a TXT record, copied the information provided by MailGun, pasted it into the boxes available and then press the ‘Add Record’ button.

The same process is used to create the CNAME record required but you select CNAME from the ‘Type’ dropdown (see below).

create cname record for mailgun

After clicking the ‘Add Record’ button you will see a confirmation message if it is accepted by CPanel

record add success

Depending on your hosting company it may take 24 – 48 hours for Mailgun to verify that you have set up your DNS correctly.  Once the DNS settings have been confirmed the domain state will change to ‘Active’ which means you can use it.

domain active mailgun

domain active mailgun 2

Once the domain is active you will need to copy the SMTP hostname, your SMTP login and password details (see above).

Please note that MailGun listen for connections on ports 25, 587 and 465 (SSL/TLS).  You will need to confirm with your hosting company which inbound AND outbound ports they have open so that your arpReach installation can talk to MailGun.

mailgun smtp listening ports

Step 3:

Now Login to your arpReach installation.

Navigate to: Setup > Email Systems > Add an Email System

In the ‘Settings’ Tab, Type in a name to help you recognise your Mandrill SMTP system and a description

add an email system

Click on the ‘Options’ Tab

In the Server Settings section > Sending Method – Select ‘SMTP’ from the dropdown.

Select SMTP from dropdown
Input your user details from MailGun into the appropriate fields of the ‘Server Settings’ section. Press the ‘Save Email System’
Note: Choose a valid port and encryption method.

add smtp settings tls

In the event that your arpReach installation fails to connect to MailGun, there are primarily four main causes

The MailGun SMTP port is incorrect – Try changing to port 25 or 587 or 465
You have not selected TLS as the encryption method
Your hosting company have blocked the inbound and outbound SMTP ports (25 or 587 or 465) – contact your hosting company for assistance.  Ensure they understand you need inbound and outbound capability
You have incorrectly applied your username or password – double check

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