15 Top Tips for making great landing pages and building your database

landing_page_blogLanding pages are still under utilised by many businesses. This may be because they don’t have easy access to the tools to create them easily or their importance just isn’t fully understood.

The following aims to explain a little more about them and offers 15 top tips to trial and improve your landing page conversion.

First of all what is the definition of a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form.

Why do you need a landing page?

The answer is that a landing page offers a targeted message to a targeted audience with the ultimate aim of capturing data and increasing conversion.

An example may be an ebook download from an email or PPC campaign or you may be creating calls to action such as requesting a quote.

There are many uses; the most important thing to note is the first statement that it is a targeted message to a targeted audience. As such there are some points in the creation of your landing page that may be worth considering.

Below are 15 Top Tips when creating your landing page.

  1. Use strong contrasting colours to highlight calls to action.
  2. Use visuals to direct the user journey, this could be in the form of an arrow or a character pointing to your form.
  3. If you have time sensitive content, such as ebooks to download, then highlight when it was written so that the visitor can see that it is current.
  4. Use testimonials to reassure visitors before they sign up.
  5. Outline forms with boxes to make the call to action obvious.
  6. Make your ‘submit’ buttons in strong contrasting colours to direct the visitor to the action.
  7. If you have a long submission form consider breaking it up to be more appealing to the visitor. For example, ask for first and last name with a ‘next’ button which expands into the full form ending with submit/download.
  8. Include strategic ‘Calls to action’ throughout the page to direct the visitor back to the to the form.
  9. Test keeping the form in a fixed, prominent position as you scroll through the site.
  10. Good imagery/style can be as important as your website yet often it is not considered. Think about how the landing page fits with your overall brand.
  11. Small details can often make the difference to a good user experience and icons are a great way to achieve this. For example, if you have a PDF to download then use the PDF symbol to manage the expectation of the user.
  12. Use strong headlines to attract attention.
  13. Consider how your landing page will work on mobile. Where are the calls to action and forms located on different devices?
  14. Use bullet points where possible rather than heavy going paragraphs. This is particularly good for targeting your benefits. Try using ticks as they are a positive action that gets the users attention.
  15. Finally be careful how much content you put within your landing page. Your website is there for the detail, use your landing page to capture data.

Once you have created your well-targeted landing page your next job is to use this good quality data to convert your visitors from an enquirer to a buyer.

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