What you need to know when running email marketing campaigns – Part 1

10 essential email campaign tipsEmail marketing and automation is still one of the most cost effective marketing tools available to promote your business or service.

In fact 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business.

However you need to make sure that you handle the planning and protection of data well otherwise you could lose customers, trust and sales.

Worse still you could find yourself with problems with your ISP or in breach of data protection laws.

So part one of ‘what you need to know when running email marketing campaigns’ we cover what you need to know about looking after your data.

  1. Permission

Make sure you have permission from the person that you wish to add as a contact before you start to send communications.

Ideally make this a two-stage opt-in process so that the contact has to confirm the sign up/registration before it is added to your contact database.

  1. Keep your lists clean

Contacts move email addresses or just stop using addresses at a surprisingly high rate. Therefore you need to keep your list clean by asking subscribers if they would like to continue to receive your communication. Or better still use an email verification service to regularly check their validity.

arpReach will be launching a new email verification service early next month, watch this space for more details.

  1. Manage your sender reputation

MarketingProfs state that last year 122,500,453,020 emails were sent every hour.

This figure is only set to increase, and with that so do the ISPs reaction to what they perceive could be spam.

If your data is not clean, and you are sending high volumes at high frequency there is a chance that your ISP will start to block your emails, meaning that they won’t get to their intended destination.

These following 5 points could help you avoid being blacklisted by your ISP:

  • Regularly verify your email database.
  • Honour unsubscribe requests.
  • Monitor, resolve and learn from any spam complaints.
  • Deliver relevant content will minimise spam complaints.
  • Use a double opt-in process and unique IP address.
  1. Be prepared for churn

A good email marketing campaign will be targeted and relevant and so should keep your contacts engaged.

However your contacts change in their needs and interests so be prepared to keep adding and replacing using retention and acquisition programs.

This is ideally suited to the arpReach automation process. You can set up your online forms and landing pages, plan you autoresponder sequence and content, then let it run! See more info here.

  1. Focus on list quality not quantity!

Growing your list is important to increase sales and exposure. However there is no point adding bad or irrelevant contacts. This will be detrimental and will simply reduce your response and conversion rate.

Focus on building good quality data and then targeting that contact with relevant information.

Everything within the arpReach system centres on the contact and their list memberships, meaning that you can target effectively. You can see more information here.

  1. Use the opt-in process to establish and build trust

As a contact is at the point of requesting to opt in to your email list they are putting trust in you and your brand. Asking key and relevant questions at this point can help build the trust that you are not going to inundate them with irrelevant emails.

So for example you may want to ask their level of knowledge on a subject e.g. would you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or expert internet marketer?

This way the subsequent emails can be relevant to the knowledge base of the subscriber.

However, think these questions through carefully as you only want to ask 1 or 2.  You then need to ensure that the information in the emails that you send are as targeted as you state!

  1. Respect recipients’ privacy

Ensure that you have a summary of your privacy policies visible at point of opt in, with full details available on your website.

This not only keeps you complying legally (and you need to keep up to date on this as it is ever changing) but also inspires trust with the subscriber.

  1. Give contacts as much control as you can.

If you have the opportunity to ask your contact what they would like to hear about, what format they would like the email and frequency then you are already building trust in the relationship by allowing them to be in control.

If you have the facility to hold this information online, to be managed by the user, this further supports the brand trust.

  1. Use advanced automation

Simple broadcast methods still have their use but are rapidly loosing their response rates. You should also consider a range of behavioral segmentation and dynamic content to drive improved results and ROI of email campaigns.

arpReach was developed exactly with this in mind, you can see a full list of features here.

  1. Know the laws affecting email marketing, and comply

Email and database marketing laws are ever changing and you need to keep up to date with these changes and ensure you comply at all times.

Data protection has been in the spot light more and more frequently over the last few years and the penalties for not complying are becoming more severe.

Therefore keep up to date and keep your reputation clean.

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