Good leads come once in a Blue Moon

Hi there and thanks for showing your interest in generating and capturing leads.

If you are reading this, then its still a blue moon.  🙂  The magic is still flowing.  Things keep on changing and it’s all good.

This is really one man ripping up the rule book for two days and doing ‘it’ all manually.  (This page has changed 8 times (at the time of writing) as I get more feedback)

What is Lead Capture Tools? Is it arpReach version 2?

In its own right “Lead Capture Tools” is a proven, battle-tested SaaS that is being used to improve the email marketing results and returns of a few 1000 business owners and companies.

It does this by making it easy to add eye-catching and attention-grabbing lead gen forms on any site or framework.  Not just WordPress which it has a plugin for.  (For the old school; you can add a line of code to a page and it works for the domain. Yes you can include or exclude pages & cats etc.)

It has a clean simple to use ‘out of the box’ dashboard feel but once you’ve got your head around the basics you can start to explore how to use the split test and campaign features with reporting.

If you already use something like ThriveLeads then you probably don’t need Lead Capture Tools but, in my mind, it’s always good not to have all of your eggs in one basket.

Think of it as a Module for #v2, which I’ll cover in a while.

I look at it as a component part of an email marketing machine.  A machine that creates the power to drive your business forward for the next few years.  Maybe even longer.  Who really knows?  Plug n play right?

I could wax lyrical about all of the benefits it will give your business like ‘drag and drop design’, 100’s of templates to get you going, increase conversions with built-in split-testing.  All of that and lots more.

You can also do all the fancy stuff like running campaigns, but like any tool, it’s going to take a bit of time to learn the basics and discover it’s full potential so you get the best long-term results from using it.

(I’ll get to #v2 in a minute – I know from the feeback I’ve been reading lots of you want an update, so please keep reading)

Lead Capture Tools gives you affordable versatility.

A collection of 4 easy to use tools that make it easier for you to get leads into any, autoresponder, in different ways, from different platforms, including by sharing links to your favorite sites 😉

Click here to see what Lead Capture Tools is and how it will help you


(we’re in to #v2 update from here)

100’s of arpReach users said that drag and drop form design and making arpReach forms easier to implement was high on their list of wants.

When I looked at what was involved in improving and developing a lead collection module like this as a part of arpReach, it quickly became apparent that Lead Capture Tools was the cheapest way to ‘give’ arpReach users what they wanted now.

Big Secret: I’m not the developer of Lead Capture Tools.  Another team, who are passionate about what they do, provide ongoing development, improvements and technical support.   I am licensing a solid solution that does the job really well because there aren’t many people that want to pay ‘that much’ for a server powerful enough to run it.

The reality is that todays digital economy is based on monthly recurring billing.  For everything.

We are spolit for choice on how we mix an match our monthly ‘packages’.  A bit to Amazon, a bit to NetFlix.  A bit to the phone provider, a bit to connect to the web.  I even discovered a company who would sign me up for a monthly delivery subscription for toilet rolls.  Genius!

(brace yourself – oh … you already are)

#V2 is going to be monthly billing.  It’s also going to be a hosted service.

But :0

I’ve tried very hard to find a viable way to keep arpReach available as a downloadable software but the “buy once, use forever” model simply does not allow for what I call ‘progressive development’ of any software.

More importantly email delivery requirements have changed.

And I’m not just talking about the technical requirements or dealing with spam filters or hosting companies that just update a server without telling the customers.  That was (or is still) hard enough for some arpReach users and hosts to get right.

Dealing with all of the moving pieces for some of my clients really shifted my focus back to core requirements.

In combination with how readers of our emails deal with what they read and what they get sent, “A R P” has always given its userbase such a massive advantage because, on the right type and kind of server, the power and capability to automate the most complex funnels imaginable has always been possible.  If only you had the time … right?  (.. I live there too 🙂 )

But. But. 

If you have a #v1 license you’ll still be able to use #V1 on your own servers.

There may still be a few very minor updates for #V1 but my main focus for ongoing improvements and development will be #V2 which is whatever “A R P” grows up to become over the coming months.  #V2 will include Bootcamp which I’ll get to in a moment.

WTF Where did that come from?

What’s new?  What changed?

Testing is good.  Re-testing is required.

Tl;dr You’ll get better results longer term if you start again in the right way.  There’s an important term now in messaging.  Reputation

Those of you who know me well know that I take my researching seriously.  I like to go deep, find the root source, the common denominators and follow the money.

In the last 18 months, we’ve all seen that everything has changed.

In the “new world” of tomorrows email marketing,  even with a quick high-level look down, we can all see we have a little “set-up work” to do.  Or we need to make some minor readjustments before we can …

(wait for it ….) constantly and consistently reap the financial rewards of automating sales processes or funnels safely.

More importantly, to me, that means as business owners we should want a higher degree of certainty than ‘average’ or ‘ok’.

Back to the basics?

If you pay $3000 a month for a server that makes you $4K, it’s the same percentage $ increase as paying $300 a month for a service that makes you $400

Now.  Take a deep breath.

How much more seriously would you have (or want) to take your email messaging if it cost you $1 to send 1 email.  What would your priorities be?

Would one of them be to make sure you were sending to a real person with a reasonable interest and capability of paying for something?

Might your next question be, will the person get the message I send when you realize you are paying ‘to send’ not be delivered?

Interesting thought yes?

Bootcamp.  Seriously?

In my drive to improve arpReach what I’ve noticed as well are peoples perceptions of what good email marketing is and what they think is acceptable.

I can’t help but notice so many autoresponder users (not just arpReach) getting it so badly wrong and crippling their potential.  And it’s not always their fault.

I see the effects of people taking action after reading free out-dated and downright bad “how to make your gazillions overnight ” email marketing ‘guides’.

I’m not going to say this will please everybody but a #V2 Bootcamp account has a maximum capacity of 100 unique email addresses.


Yes.  But you can increase your contacts as your positive reputation grows.

And best practice, which by the way gives you the best results for your $1 per email to send, requires confirmation from your contacts that you are allowed to send them an email or 5.

That’s why I’m also going through Bootcamp ahead of the first small group of people who get access to #V2.  It’s essential that #V2 starts small and I want to make sure as many of the pain points are removed or as minimized as possible.  Most processes can be improved as you’ll see on the inside.

Bootcamp is getting everybody back to basics and on the same page.

It will cover the back story so you know what to avoid at all costs.

Why thinking about a few specific things before you invite your first contact and spend a $1 on them could mean you are happy to spend $2

Experienced marketers have seen the changes coming.  Now they can start to do something about it and get into a better space.  Running a successful business with email-marketing in your mix will mean having to do testing to deal with change and integrate new systems and policies.

I think the simplest way I can put it is #V2 is as much about building a community to help business owners get measurable results and grow naturally at the pace that’s right for them as it is about automating arpReach.  One can’t happen without the other.

So … Long story short.

Back to Lead Capture Tools

I had to reduce the number of people I can let in to Lead Capture Tools because I have to manually authorize every order and I’m bringing online a #V2 server.  I also want to be on hand to help those of you who will grab a deal when you see it so I can only accept 25 23 19 people in now.

Those of you who order Lead Capture Tools now will not be at a disadvantage when the #V2 doors open.  I’m not promising but I may reach out to active LeadTool users to help me bed in #V2 accounts at a discount.

The Lead Capture Tools work great!  You can place your order and use this discount coupon on the checkout page.


You’ll get your emails for opening your account, your order confirmation, your payment confirmation from PayPal and your invoice.

But ….. I’ll personally be processing your orders as they come in.

Please understand that I will need to get some sleep during the 48-hour window.  If you place your order between 8PM and 12 AM or you don’t get your login details for Lead Capture Tools immediately, don’t panic, in this case, it will be normal.  And worth the wait 😉

Why I am offering such a massive discount and on what?

Lead Capture Tools has 3 monthly options, “start-up”, “pro” and “Growth”.

This blue-moon offer is only for the Growth Plan. (The other plans are still full price)

The Growth plan normally costs $137 per month (+ VAT if you’re in the EU)

Hopefully not to cheap to entice you in

The ‘bluemoon50‘ coupon
will give you the Lead Capture Tools Growth plan for around

$25 a month

That’s a saving today of at least $110 … per month for as long as you want to use the Lead Capture Tools.

So why really?


By inviting a small group of passionate people who want to do email marketing right and improve their lead capture and conversion processes, I get to see first hand how to help overcome any bottlenecks (technical and mental) I may have overlooked.

You get a bargain for a massively scalable tool and I get to discover what needs improving.  It’s a long-term win-win and worth every penny to both of us. And #V2 comes a step closer.

Click here See what Lead Capture Tools is and place your order . There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

See you on the inside,

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