arpReach 1.2.001 With Micro-Segmentation Coming Today!

Morning everyone and happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was a mad, mad day getting everything ready for the launch of arpReach version 1.2.001 with micro-segmentation, not to mention fighting with Camtasia’s slow rendering for the demo video.

We have fixed the captioning in this updated version of the video.

You can view the video here

arpReach version 1.2.001 with the new features will be available for download from the arpReach hub at 2pm EST today.

All existing users, and those who order the Standard or Gold version before 2pm EST will automatically be grandfathered in to the new features.

So order NOW to save $200.

After launch at 2pm EST, the new micro-segmentation features will be available to new users in arpReach Gold only.

Back later.

Have a GREAT day.

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