Integrating your digital and direct marketing campaigns

Direct_MailSo what does direct marketing mean in this digital age?

Direct marketing is a general term used to describe when a business connects with a customer through a multitude of channels, including mail, e-mail, phone, and in person. The results of campaigns are measurable so a business can track how many customers have responded through each channel and when.

Historically direct marketing was focused on postal and phone contact, however email now plays a really big part in your direct marketing strategy.

Email should be used along side all other marketing channels and more importantly integrated into a strategy. For example you could send a targeted email following a postal mailing, or drive prospects from direct mail to sign up to email. There are loads of ways to integrate and this article collates top advise on how to integrate your email into your direct marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Integrate Direct Mail Into Your Digital Marketing Landscape

The best marketing plans should be dispersed across mediums, concentrating spending by return on investment and consumer engagement. Click below to find out more.

How to Integrate Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Era

Business mailing lists still rank among the most customizable and therefore most effective methods for messaging an audience of potential customers.

See how you can utilize this both on and offline…

Making direct mail and e-mail work together

First impressions mean everything, especially in business marketing, but they have to be sustained. Your message should be reinforced—many times, and in multiple channels—until the decision maker you want to influence sees you as a recognizable brand.


This blog post is aimed to help you to really understand how you can integrate your email and digital marketing with your offline marketing strategy.

Remember a good marketing strategy includes multi channel opportunities and we can’t emphasize enough to measure all your results wherever possible.

This is where using arpReach email marketing platform can really help you to make informed decisions from tracking to automated follow up planning and scheduling.

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