Top advice on how to grow your business

grow_businessStarting up your own business is more doable than ever. To get started all you really need is a computer, internet connection and of course a killer idea !

But how do you make that idea a success?

There are infinite ways in which to promote yourself and advertise your business cost effectively.

However no matter how hard you are prepared to work there are still only 24 hours in the day, so where is your time best spent ? We’ve gathered together some top advice on how to start growing your business today !


10 Ways to Grow Your Home Based Business

Follow these 10 steps to grow your business into the personal and professional success it was meant to be.


4 Simple Ways to Grow Your Service Business Online

Service businesses don’t get much love on the internet. It seems like all the best online marketing advice is reserved for software startups or product based companies..

The good news is there are strategies that are working incredibly well for service providers. These strategies are proven, battle-tested, and ready for you to put to work.


Ten ways to develop your website to help your business grow

Whatever the size of your organisation, a website is an essential business tool. However, having a good-looking site is no longer enough — it needs to actively work for you by attracting new business and driving your company forward. Greg Poulson explains how to create a hard-working website in ten simple steps


A Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Online Business

There are a million things you can do to grow your online business. You can write more content, better content, improve SEO, hire more employees, start an Instagram promotion, boost social sharing, do a publicity stunt, use PPC advertising, guest blogging, or get better at email marketing. There are so many things you can do, but what should you do?


One of the most cost effective and targeted opportunities available to you is email marketing.

As soon as you start harvesting contacts make sure that you are storing and segmenting this data to ensure you’re making the most of this valuable resource. Take a look at our recent post on how to build your database to help you get started.

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So what is Content Marketing ?

content_marketingContent marketing is essentially seeing content as an asset to reach engage and convert customers.

Sound easy ? According to Altimeter

“70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.”

So today we’re here to help that 70% stat. Below includes advice that we have gathered from fellow content experts to help you understand content marketing and make the most of this powerful marketing opportunity.


Content marketing

Content marketing has become a core business activity. For small businesses, posting useful content online offers a powerful way to engage with customers.

Find out more from Marketing Donut


Content marketing strategy

Content marketing is essential to modern marketing since its the fuel that powers all the core digital marketing channels from search, social and email marketing and it’s essential for increasing lead and sale conversion rates too.

But content marketing isn’t a hidden secret any longer, many businesses know they need to get it right, so competition is tough, really tough. A planned approach is essential to compete.

Click the link to find out how…


Advanced Content marketing guide

An extensive and detailed guide of advanced content marketing techniques.

This article is full of tactical, immediately actionable ideas that you can implement in your own business to start building a community of fans and followers, to increase engagement and traffic to your website, and to drive sales.


Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Looking to create a content marketing strategy? Then this article is the perfect place to start. But, before you dig in, there is one critical distinction you should understand: A content marketing strategy is NOT the same thing as a content strategy. Find out more…


One of the biggest benefits of content marketing is being able to build an audience and the number one way to stay in touch with that audience is email.

So once you have built your audience you need an email solution that can segment and target effectively to make the most of this opportunity.

arpReach puts the customer profile at the centre of the database, meaning that you can really target your audience giving regular and relevant content to increase your conversion rate.

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The best business apps to make your day more productive

Business_appsWhether you run your own business or head up a busy marketing department, being as productive as you can gives you more opportunity to make your business successful.


Apple store has over 2,000,000 apps available to help you to streamline your day from keeping track of your business contacts and correspondence to project management. But with so many to choose from where do you start ? This blog post pulls together articles from fellow experts on the best business apps to try in 2016.


21 Best Small Business Apps

When you run a small business, you’re pulled in several directions every day. If the demands on your time feel overwhelming, take heart: There are thousands of productivity apps out there that can help you do everything from keep a neat to-do list to delegate tasks to employees and stay on top of your business expenses.

If you don’t have the time to wade through an endless list of apps, we’ve plucked several awesome options to get you started


10 Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2016 (But Probably Aren’t)

With countless new apps being launched every day, it can be hard to keep up with which ones are worth your time, and which ones are best politely ignored. The right app can make your social media life easier, but finding these can be like finding a needle in a haystack. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps on the market.


Top 10 business apps for iPhone

This list includes some of the best and brightest apps for doing business on the iPhone.


Some top advice on how to become more productive with some of the best apps on the market.

When thinking of your email marketing it is also worth considering the most effective and efficient solution.

arpReach delivers not only broadcast options but a clever autoresponder that will make your campaigns more effective and more profitable.

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How to improve and increase your social sharing

social_sharingSocial sharing should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

It not only gets your website exposure, it is also great for SEO and before you know it you could be hitting the top of search rankings!

The following offers top advise on how to improve and increase your social sharing making this most of this important marketing strategy


How to increase social sharing

Check out a few simple actions that you can take now to increase sharing on your site.


How to Improve Social Sharing by 97%

Social sharing is a great way of driving more traffic to your business. Your website visitors share out your content and you get more visitors, but you also get more links to your site because more people know about it.

So, you’ll be glad to hear that there are some tricks, tools and tactics for increasing social sharing…


7 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Social Media Shares

Are your blog posts irresistibly sharable?

Do you want more people sharing your content across social channels?

Blog posts are the hub of your social media presence.

In this article you’ll discover how to use your blog to improve social media shares on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


How to Increase Social Sharing to Generate More Leads

Content that triggers an emotional response is more likely to be shared.

Websites that facilitate sharing generate seven times more mentions online than those that don’t.

Check out how you can increase your social sharing and get yourself more leads!

Get your social sharing right and this should lead to an increase in your email lead capture.

That’s when you need to get your business on an intelligent and effective email marketing, auto responder solution.

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How to stop people unsubscribing from your emails

Unsubscribe_emailPreventing your contacts from unsubscribing is a challenge that we all face.

“The average office worker receives 121 email per day”


With competition so high to get your email noticed, this challenge increases daily.

This post gathers advise from fellow experts to identify not only why people are motivated to click the unsubscribe button but also how best to stop that process. A must read for all email marketers !

“Out of My Inbox!” 7 Reasons People Unsubscribe From Your Email Marketing

If you’re not hitting the mark with your email campaigns, you’ve still got some work to do.


Top 7 reasons people unsubscribe from your email list

So what can your organization do to keep customers from unsubscribing from your email lists? Here are the top seven reasons people opt out of email and what you can do to keep customers from clicking that ‘unsubscribe’ button.


How To Stop People Unsubscribing From Your Email List

Email marketing is still a really effective way of reaching your customers without spending lots of money.

But keeping hold of your subscribers can be just as challenging as getting them in the first place.

How do you stop people from unsubscribing from your email list?


Stop Unsubscribers in their Tracks:

Preventing newsletter followers from unsubscribing is a goal of many marketers. The Fab marketing team has taken an innovative approach to combating unsubscribers, and today we’ll be taking a look at their unique technique.


Keeping your content relevant and regular is one of the keys to a successful campaign and a low percentage of unsubscribes. This is where arpReach email marketing software excels.


arpReach is market leading in segmentation and puts customer attributes at the center the of its contact database. This means that segmenting and automating your email marketing becomes seamless and more effective.


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Integrating your digital and direct marketing campaigns

Direct_MailSo what does direct marketing mean in this digital age?

Direct marketing is a general term used to describe when a business connects with a customer through a multitude of channels, including mail, e-mail, phone, and in person. The results of campaigns are measurable so a business can track how many customers have responded through each channel and when.

Historically direct marketing was focused on postal and phone contact, however email now plays a really big part in your direct marketing strategy.

Email should be used along side all other marketing channels and more importantly integrated into a strategy. For example you could send a targeted email following a postal mailing, or drive prospects from direct mail to sign up to email. There are loads of ways to integrate and this article collates top advise on how to integrate your email into your direct marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Integrate Direct Mail Into Your Digital Marketing Landscape

The best marketing plans should be dispersed across mediums, concentrating spending by return on investment and consumer engagement. Click below to find out more.

How to Integrate Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Era

Business mailing lists still rank among the most customizable and therefore most effective methods for messaging an audience of potential customers.

See how you can utilize this both on and offline…

Making direct mail and e-mail work together

First impressions mean everything, especially in business marketing, but they have to be sustained. Your message should be reinforced—many times, and in multiple channels—until the decision maker you want to influence sees you as a recognizable brand.


This blog post is aimed to help you to really understand how you can integrate your email and digital marketing with your offline marketing strategy.

Remember a good marketing strategy includes multi channel opportunities and we can’t emphasize enough to measure all your results wherever possible.

This is where using arpReach email marketing platform can really help you to make informed decisions from tracking to automated follow up planning and scheduling.

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How to grow your following and build your database with contests

ContestContests can play a big part in building your social following and ultimately your email database. But how do you get the right incentive, message and hit the right audience?

This article talks you through the basic guidelines and some awesome example’s to help you on your way.

How to Grow Your Email List by Running a Contest

Marketers often think of running contests for things like branding, customer delight, and fan engagement — but that’s not all they’re good for.

Delight customers, increase engagement, and increase brand awareness … while also generating actual email contacts.

Well worth taking 5 minutes for some top advice before you plan your own contest.


The Ultimate Guide to Running Online Competitions

Plan and execute an effective competition to build your social media following (and also get a few links in the process). Find out more here…


Step-by-Step Guide on How To Create & Run Successful Online Contests

This awesome step-by-step guide could help you create successful contests that drive real results (AND PROFITS) for your business.


How to Run a Simple Contest and Add 500 New Subscribers to Your List

You know, the good old one, two, three strategy for growing your blog.

One – set up an e-mail list.

Two – create a juicy incentive to persuade visitors to sign up.

Three – promote the hell out of it and hope people take the bait.

This can be effective, however in a  crowded market you need to find new ways to get your audiences attention.

You need to offer an incentive whose value is so clear and obvious that handing over an e-mail address is a complete no-brainer.

In other words, you need to give them something so valuable, it feels like cash, find out how to do this today!


Social Media Competition Ideas

Need some more competition ideas ? This guide does just that, giving you:

  1. 13 objectives you can achieve through social media competitions
  2. 12 social media competition ideas (with examples)
  3. State rules and regulations you need to be aware of

Now you know how to create your successful contest you need to have your email autoresponder in place before you get started.

arpReach offers both auto responder and broadcast email management and keeps you in control.

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