Setting Up The Verification Rules

arpverify verification rules setuparpReach allows you to add individual contact records and details for your subscribers using forms, email sign-ups, using the API and even manually using the ‘Add a Contact’ function.  To protect your contact list and maximize your ability to reach more of your subscribers more of the time you need to verify that each email address is live and valid.

Using the arpVerify verification rules you can stop bad email addresses from being added to your lists.  Because you will not be sending broadcasts and autoresponder messages to non-existent email addresses your overall email deliverability rates will improve as your sender score increases.  The net effect is that a higher percentage of the people you send emails to will receive them which in turn leads to significantly higher returns and profits with each mailing.

In this video we show you how to set up your arpVerify verification rules within arpReach.

You can read more about “What are verification rules for” here

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