Top email marketing trends for 2017

email_marketingAt one point it was thought that email may have had its day.

But in 2017 this is certainly not the case.

In fact we have 5 reasons that email should be a priority in your marketing strategy.

  1. Email marketing has an AMAZING ROI
  2. Emails nurture leads cost effectively and effortlessly
  3. Emails convert better than social media and many other marketing channels
  4. It’s estimated that over 67% of consumers use a smartphone to check their email
  5. Email can seamlessly integrate with other marketing strategies

So, now you know the value of email marketing, what are the top trends for 2017 ?


The Top 4 Email Marketing Trends for 2017

Like any other strategy, email marketing is constantly evolving to reflect SPAM laws and best practices. As we enter a new year, take these new trends into consideration to help you grow your email list, engage with your clients better, and build your client base.

5 trends Email marketers need to stay on top of in 2017 and a couple of things you can safely ignore…

As we move from one year to the next, the heart of email marketing remains the same. It is about providing customer-centric experiences. For email experiences, this is the mantra of right message, right person, right time. The closer you get to this the better the results.


The Future of email marketing – 2017 edition

Email is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox, but marketers need to continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to a changing audience.


With this clear vision of the future of email it’s the ideal time to consider the management of your emails.

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Make your Business a Success on YouTube

YouTubeYouTube gets over 30 million visitors and 5 billion videos watched PER DAY !

With this vast audience at your fingertips you can see that it is a vital marketing channel for your business.

It is also widely known that video can bring your business the following benefits:

  1. Boosts Conversions and Sales
  2. Builds Trust
  3. Helps SEO
  4. Great to help explain your messages
  5. Has the ability to engage with all audience demographics
  6. Encourages Social Shares and increases audience reach


But now onto the tricky part! How do you turn your YouTube video channel into a business success? 

8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the newest additions in your promotion toolbox. If you have any doubt of its benefits then check out these 8 reasons that you should have video in your marketing mix.


How to be successful on YouTube: The 3 steps

Once you have your video created your next step is to understand how YouTube can make it a success!


How to be Successful on YouTube in 10 Easy Steps

No longer strictly the domain of film geeks and funny video aficionados, the network, which boasts more than 30 million visitors per week, can also provide a low-cost to no-cost way to create a social marketing channel for your business.

If you aren’t effectively leveraging the network, you’re missing out !


The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

You can find literally any type of audience on YouTube, which means that just about any business can find a way to benefit from marketing on it.


Take the advice from our fellow experts and you could see your YouTube channel significantly increasing your email subscriber list.

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Making your Webinar a success

Making your Webinar a success

First of all its important to define exactly what a webinar should deliver.

‘A webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time.’

I know we all know what a webinar is but this last sentence is really important to note before you create your plan and content.

The second thing to consider is what you want to get out of your webinar before you get started.

So in today’s post we have collated some great information from fellow experts on how to create a successful webinar, how to make it work for your business, as well and common mistakes to avoid!


The Secret Formula for Webinar: Presentations that Work Every Time

A must read if you are tackling a webinar for the first time!


How To Make Webinars Work For Your Business

Running webinars gives you and your business an opportunity to reach out to customers, demonstrate your expertise and the effectiveness of your products, and engage with them.

Now find out how to make it work for you business…


5 Most Common mistakes made when running a webinar

There’s no doubting the huge benefits of using webinars. However it’s important to plan for success. You want, people to attend, be interested in what you have to say and to interact. It’s worth bearing the following common mistakes in mind when planning and putting your webinar together.


Take the advice from our fellow experts and you could see webinars significantly increasing your email subscriber list.

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Digital Marketing trends to look out for in 2017

digital_trends_2017As we approach the end of the year its time to look ahead at what trends will influence digital marketing in 2017.

Here’s a quick round up from fellow experts.

Digital marketing trends 2017

Digital marketing is a moving target. Platforms change and evolve. New algorithms are launched, tweaked, and improved. Some features are discontinued, new ones are developed.

The Smart Insights team predict a series of key trends in digital marketing, ecommerce and web design for 2017. Check them out here:


B2B digital marketing trends for 2017: Finally catching up with B2C?

In association with Adobe, Econsultancy has surveyed more than 1,000 professionals working in digital B2B to craft an idea of what the future holds, and where the pack is going.

Click the link to find out more.


8 predictions for digital marketing in 2017

The digital marketing industry will grow and mature in 2017 – with more programmatic, data, complexity and ROI pressure.

See more from the Information Age team.


7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

It’s time to start thinking about how the industry’s going to change in 2017—and how you can prepare accordingly.

So you have some top tips to get you started for 2017.

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The Secret to effective Pop-Ups

pop_upSome key statistics on pop-ups

  • Pop-ups can double your subscription rate
  • increased their sales by 162%, subscriptions by 86 % thanks to pop-ups
  • Visual Website Optimizer upped sign-ups by 50% with a pop-up form on the siteE

At the same time…

  • 70% of Americans say they get annoyed by irrelevant pop-up ads
  • The #1 reason why people would block a site is annoying ads
  • There are 2,000+ threads in the eBay community dedicated to annoying pop-ups


So, are pop-ups a curse or a blessing? How do you find the happy medium that increases sales without putting off customers?

This weeks blog post explores the subject in a little more detail:


Why Every Business Should Use Pop Ups to Drive Engagement and Conversions

Whether you are looking to drive your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list or to purchase by providing promo codes. Both are actions where pop ups provide the most effective way to accomplish this customer action.

Find out how pop ups can drive engagement and conversions

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Overlays

When done right, marketing overlays are a great way to engage your visitors, drive sales, build massive email subscriber lists, and generate scores of new sales leads.


Best Pop Up Examples

See some awesome examples of simple and to the point pop ups that just work. You’ll also see how creative entrepreneurs and business owners are using pop ups to grow their email lists!

So to summarise, it’s vital to make pop ups relevant, unobtrusive and most importantly with a straightforward way to close them if one wishes to do so.

It is also important to monitor and measure the effects of your pop up and react accordingly.

Take the advice from our fellow experts and you could see pop ups significantly increasing your email subscriber list.

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Customer service in a digital age

customer serviceA recent survey said 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated


We all know that customer service is one of the keys to a successful business. But in the digital age how do you make your customer feel that personal support whilst keeping your costs down?

This latest blog post discovers ways to effectively deliver great service to customers with high expectations.

How to create on-demand experiences for today’s highly demanding consumers

Customers in today’s on-demand world have become accustomed to getting what they want, when they want. Any brand that cannot live up to these demands faces criticism for failing to offer a seamless customer experience.


6 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Digital Age

We are living in the digital era and every day more and more technologies appear on the market. Consumers get used to those technologies and when it comes to customer experience expect modern approach from businesses.

This post includes a great infographic with 6 steps to help improve your customer service !


Successfully tackling customer service in the digital age

In the digital age, customer service is exponentially more challenging than it’s ever been. However, by learning to utilize technology – instead of letting it lead to your demise – you can actually enhance your company’s customer service like never before.


The Value of Customer Self-service in the Digital Age

Self-service allows you to provide online support to your customers without requiring any interaction with a representative from your company. The most common types of customer self-service include FAQs, knowledge base and online discussion forums.

Do these effectively and you will have a happy customer and a more profitable, effective business. Find out more here:


In summary good customer service is about being accessible, honest and efficient.

It is also good customer service to preempt any issues or queries before they happen.

This is where having a considered email strategy can support your customer service quest.

For example create your FAQs online but also signpost them within your email correspondence.

Or send out a broadcast to update customers in any delays or delivery issues.

There are a whole host of ways in which to use your email communication to support your customer journey.

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How to create a marketing strategy for your mobile app

mobile_appsMobile apps can be a brilliant way to promote your business, generate leads and create sales.


But cracking the mobile app market requires some additional effort and resources to get your app noticed among the millions already available.


Today’s blog post takes you from why you need a mobile app, to how to create a marketing strategy, as well as some top tips on some of the pitfalls to avoid.


Why every Business must integrate Mobile apps into their Marketing Strategy

Many businesses think that mobile apps are only for big businesses and that smaller businesses have neither resources, not capabilities to develop an app for business.

This may have been the case in the past but in the last few years, the tide is turning and apps can be relevant to any size business.


3 Essentials for Marketing Your Mobile App

Your app won’t succeed without good marketing to back it up.

The keyword here is “good”. So, here are three pre-requisites of an effective marketing strategy:


The iOS App Marketing Strategy Guide

This post includes everything we know about launching and marketing an iPad or iPhone app. Some top tips in here so well worth a read !


11 Pre and Post Launch Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

As the number of apps in the market skyrocket, the challenges for app marketers continue to grow. Having an app marketing plan in place now is crucial to the success of every app.

Here’s a list of 11 pitfalls to avoid during your app’s pre- and post-launch phases that will help improve your chances of success.


Once you have generated and captured those awesome leads and sales your next strategy should be to follow up contacts through email.

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